I was looking for a solicitor to deal with an issue that I had and rather than just google someone and take a chance, I was recommended Ralli from a friend. That was my first bit of luck as I found them very helpful and professional. So much so that they are the go to people whenever I have an issue.

PB, Carousel Soft Furnishings Ltd

I lost all faith in the British legal system and hold the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary in utter contempt. The case against me took more than four years from arrest to finally appearing in court. However, I was most fortuitous to meet Ralli Solicitors LLP, a firm of Solicitors a credit to the legal profession. The manner in which they set about defending me inspired confidence and helped me through my darkest hours. Ralli Solicitors LLP diligently examined the ‘evidence’ against me, painstakingly reading thousands of pages of emails, letters and documents with an unrelenting determination to prove my innocence. To simply say thank you does not adequately express the heartfelt debt of gratitude I hold. In addition to their professionalism the whole team were such nice people with compassion and an unbelievable dedication.

JG, Chartered Accountant and Business Adviser

I was referred to Ralli Solicitors LLP by a third party as I needed to instruct a local law firm. I dealt with Polly Hill and Christian Eagle and received thorough, professional advice with the minimum amount of fuss. They were efficient and to the point with their explanations of the ‘next steps’.

MC, Performance Products Limited

We found Ralli following a google search as they appeared to have the services we required. We needed to find out more information about a trade mark dispute brought against us and whether or not we had a defense. They were prepared to discuss our problem first so we could ascertain if we were in a defensible position or not. This is exactly what we needed as other solicitors wanted money just to talk to us. They were extremely helpful and friendly. Excellent communication and very clear and understandable language used…no jargon. Credit to Sam and the Ralli team.

AD, Hortivation

As the new practice manager I engaged Ralli Solicitors to deal with a long running partnership dispute that had rumbled on unresolved for a number of years. Despite a weak (historic) partnership agreement, the advice we received from Ralli was pragmatic, timely and reliable and enabled us to negotiate a settlement between parties that facilitated the safe removal of one partner. The remaining partners have been able to continue to develop new plans and embrace a merger. Mark Higgins knows his stuff and is tenacious and diligent. Without his support and drive we would not have got the result we did. We would not hesitate in recommending Mark for his outstanding personal service, direct approach and total professionalism.

Practice Manager, Medical Practice, Oxfordshire

Christian Eagle and his litigation team are fabulous, efficient, effective and worth every penny. I can sleep well without worrying about my case because they always ensuring the case is fully prepared and well thought out. He and his team reply to my emails and return my calls promptly. I would recommend him and the team without hesitation.

Patrick Teh, C & T Associates Ltd

I was referred to ralli solicitors by a friend and Lynn Mahon was appointed as my legal representative. Since our first meeting all aspects of my case were explained and dealt with in a professional manner and any queries I had were explained and my mind was put at ease. I would certainly recommend Lynn Mahon to anyone needing legal advice.

RB, Cheshire Businessman

It was fortuitous for me to meet from the Criminal Department at Ralli, Stephen Fox, who together with his superbly competent colleague Lynn Mahon provided a successful, professional service combined with compassion, guidance and outstanding support. Ralli will forever be my first port of call.

John Girdlestone

Lynn Mahon, Mark Higgins and Stephen Fox provided consistent, professional and very efficient guidance and support over an eighteen month period resulting in a positive outcome in a criminal and employment case. Extremely grateful and delighted that we appointed Ralli.
John Mannix