Expertise on Terrorism investigations

Terrorism is an extremely sensitive and serious issue of the modern world, and any cases relating to this area should be treated with the appropriate level of diligence.

If you are being investigated for a terrorist offence it is essential that you secure Ralli’s expert advice at the outset as it can often make the difference between acquittal and conviction.

Due to the complexity and importance of terrorism cases, legislation in the field is being continually refined, and the Ralli team’s range of expertise remains at the forefront of the law.

Terrorism investigations often go hand in hand with Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) Applications alleging money laundering and other offences which can result in your losing your assets.

Financial dealings with people who appear to be ‘respectable’ can tie you up in a terrorism investigation, time in custody and a Crown Court trial.

Confiscation proceedings also can effectively take from you assets and money which you have spent a lifetime acquiring.


Terrorism advice from Ralli

With any terrorism case, it is critical to get advice as soon as possible.

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