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In this edition we will be giving you an update from HMRC on the current mileage rates and auto enrollment rates, a list of all our upcoming events from the year, information on how you can protect your business from £10 a month and an interesting blog from Michael Stewart on the dangers of accepting payments from third parties.

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    Current mileage rates

    Business travel mileage for employees’ own vehicles

    Type of vehicle First 10,000 miles Above 10,000 miles
    Cars and vans 45p (40p before 2011 to 2012) 25p
    Motorcycles 24p 24p
    Bikes 20p 20p

    It doesn’t matter if your employee uses more than one vehicle in a year – it’s all calculated together.

    Company Cars – Advisory Fuel Rates (from 1st March 2018)

    Engine size Petrol – amount per mile LPG – amount per mile
    1400cc or less 11 pence 7 pence
    1401cc to 2000cc 14 pence 8 pence
    Over 2000cc 22 pence 13 pence
    Engine size Diesel – amount per mile
    1600cc or less 9 pence
    1601cc to 2000cc 11 pence
    Over 2000cc 13 pence

    Hybrid cars are treated as either petrol or diesel cars for this purpose.

    Auto enrolment rates increased on 6th April – a staff incentive?

    On 6th April 2018, the minimum employer contribution increased to 2% and the employer contribution to 3%. This makes a total contribution of 5%.

    Did you know, the employer can contribute the full 5% with the employee paying nothing? Or the employer could contribution 4% with employee maintaining their 1%. As long as the total contribution totals 5%, this could be an attractive staff incentive.

    Ensure you check your individual scheme rules before applying.

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  • Company A has a contract with Company B under which B owes A £10,000. Company C agrees to pay the £10,000 to A.

    What could possibly go wrong? Plenty!

    A may lose contractual rights against B. A should not accept payment from C without communicating a proviso to both B and C that A’s rights against B are unaffected and that C is acting as agent of B.

    Do the directors of C have authority to make the payment? Generally yes unless A knows C is not acting in good faith.

    Is C a UK Company? If not an opinion from a local lawyer where the foreign company is based will be prudent to confirm C can properly make the payment.

    Could the transaction be set aside as a transaction at an undervalue? Generally if C goes into administration of liquidation within two years the payment may be challenged as a transaction at an undervalue where C was unable to pay its debts at the time of payment or if C became unable to pay its debts as a result. Consider obtaining a certificate of solvency from the directors of C.

    Are there tax issues? There may be, for example only B as the person to whom the supply was made can make a valid VAT input claim. A should not therefore issue a VAT invoice to C.

    What about money laundering? A should satisfy itself that C is making the payment for a legitimate reason and consider asking for proof of where the funds to make the payment originated.

    What if C agrees to make a payment to A of only £5,000 of the £10,000 due? A may inadvertently discharge the whole debt and be unable to recover the balance and should therefore make it clear to both B and C that the payment is accepted on account and will not discharge the obligation to pay the balance which remains due.

    This blog was written by:  Michael Stewart

    DISCLAIMER: Please note that this post sets out the general position under the general law. It should not be acted upon in any specific circumstances without taking specific legal advice as to those circumstances. Also, it should not be relied upon, acted upon or treated as a substitute for specific advice relevant to particular circumstances. If you do require specific advice please contact us for assistance.

  • Pimms and Lemonade Summer Networking

    Date: Wednesday 18th July
    Time: 17:30-19:30
    Location: TBC (Manchester area)

    Informal networking whilst enjoying complimentary Pimms and Lemonade and a selection of canapés*
    *vegetarian and non-alcoholic options are available too

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    Spooky Networking

    Date: Wednesday 24th October
    Time: 17:00-19:00
    Location: Grill on the Alley, 5 Ridgefield, Manchester, M2 6EG

    Informal networking whilst enjoying complimentary canapés and drinks*
    *vegetarian and non-alcoholic options are available too
    You can continue to network after 7pm!

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    Christmas Party & Employment Law – how to ensure you don’t get caught out
    Date: Tuesday 6th November
    Time: 08:30-11:00
    8:30-9:30: Networking and Breakfast
    9:30-11:00: Seminar
    Location: TBC (Manchester area)

    Employers can be held vicariously liable for discriminatory acts by employees – even if the event is held off site and out of normal working hours. Mark Higgins, our Employment Lawyer, highlights possible issues and discusses ways to avoid being caught out.

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    Mulled wine and mince pies networking

    Wednesday 5th December 17:30-19:30
    Location – TBC (Manchester area)

    Informal networking whilst enjoying complimentary mulled wine and mince pies and a selection of canapés*
    *vegetarian and non-alcoholic options are available too

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