Media Law Specialist Solicitors

Our dedicated team of Media Law specialist solicitors can advise and assist you with all manner of query relating to law within the media.

Whether you create content, deal with third-party content or have had content created about you.

If you are active in the media sector we can provide advice on:


Contracts – If you need advice on a contract or help with negotiations then our Media team of former agents in sports and media are well placed to guide you.

Protection – A reputation, whether that be an individual’s or company’s, is a very valuable and important asset. Using our knowledge of the law and the media we can help save your career or relationship, whether personal or professional.

Promotion – Covering all media platforms and channels, our media team has extensive knowledge and understanding of the press and social media.

In addition to this our extensive network of contacts in government and business, allows us to generate new relationships and build closer links to your individual and commercial interests.

Media Law Advice

We carry out a wide range of work for media law clients, including strategic advice, high value litigation and regulatory advice, corporate deals, through to a variety of commercial contracts.

We have a real understanding of the challenges you face in all areas of broadcasting and will always offer you sensible advice and a progressive approach.

We know that as professionals in this field you have already embraced new technology and that you will be expecting your lawyers to understand exactly what you do.

Contact our Media Law Solicitors

For help and assistance relating to media law, please contact our main office on 0161 832 6131 or alternately you can fill out one of our online enquiry forms below.