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Copyright is an exclusive right that allows someone who has created an individual piece of work to control its use and distribution in order for them to receive the maximum financial benefit from their work. Put simply, it stops others from using it without your permission.

Our intellectual property team have the expertise and experience to advise on any legal issue relating to copyright.

Attaching and protecting copyright

If certain criteria (e.g. minimal standards of originality) are fulfilled copyright protection attaches automatically to certain works as soon as they are created. It is often only applied for a set period, so it is important to make sure you remain protected in the long term.

There are various different categories of copyright, and creators can gain protection for:

  • Original Works
  • Sound Recording, Films & Broadcasts
  • Adaptation of Other Works
Copyright solicitors

Copyright infringement advice

Our copyright solicitors have a strong track record advising individuals and businesses of all sizes on a range of intellectual property and information technology matters.

In addition to copyright issues, we can also advise you on protecting the visual appearance of your idea through asserting your design rights. Additionally, if your work does not meet the necessary criteria for copyrighting, you may still be able to protect it through patents or trademarks.

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