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What are staff grievances?

Almost all employers and managers will be called upon to handle staff grievances from time to time. The skill with which an employer handles such disputes often makes the difference between a swift and successful resolution (at minimal cost) and a protracted (and costly) employment tribunal claim.

The ACAS Code of Practice broadly defines grievances as “concerns, problems or complaints that employees and other workers raise with their employers.”

While this may cover a broad spectrum of issues, it is crucial that employers manage the process of grievances from employees in a sensitive and diligent manner. The implementation of grievance procedures allows employers to manage and resolve employee grievances effectively and minimise the risk of claims.

Regardless of the size of your business, internal dispute resolution procedures should comply with the ACAS Code of Practice where applicable. There are penalties in terms of compensation if either party to an employment tribunal claim is found not to have complied with the code without good reason.

Bear in mind, however, that while the ACAS Code provides general procedural guidance, it is not a substitute for specialist advice on specific areas of grievance. Contact our specialist team of employment solicitors for advice on handling grievances relating to pay, terms and conditions, discrimination and harassment.

Staff Grievance Advice

Legal Advice on Grievance Procedures

Timing can be key for grievance cases. Contact our team if you are in any doubt as to how you should proceed before you take any action.

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