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HMRC are on the warpath. Make no mistake. The much appreciated Lichtenstein Disclosure facility is about to close and a much tougher regime with much bigger penalties is on the horizon.

However, a bigger danger lurks for the tax scheme admirers –
Prosecution, which could lead to conviction and prison. The bad news doesn’t end there. Confiscation and compensation orders will follow and those who take the legal aid route to defending themselves will place their wife’s/partner’s assets at risk.

New reciprocal agreements make hiding assets in safe jurisdictions almost impossible. Clever little manoeuvres allegedly suggested by fast talking advisors have been rumbled and saying you have participated in creating a film, for example, will need much more than an unverifiable diary showing 10hours effort per week in order to convince HMRC or a Jury!

And therein lies the key. The Revenue are going to prosecute in ever increasing numbers in this area where relatively few law firms have real hands on experience. Accountants play a valuable role in the procedure and the team at Ralli has worked with many of them large and small.

Research and Development tax schemes are quite common areas for prosecution but other schemes are coming under scrutiny which means that, for instance, SEIS and VCT investors who used to be regarded as more cautious now need to look over their shoulders as the Revenue look at all manner of aggressive ‘DOTAS’ schemes. Some schemes which were not previously regarded as controversial e.g. BPRA and EZ investments are now being re assessed following a re-interpretation of the tax rules.

We consider pension advisors, IFAs, brokers and anybody involved in equity release opportunities as being at high risk!

We anticipate an increase in the sentencing tariff for those charged and convicted partly to act as a deterrent to others. If you think you are at risk then you probably are. Adopting the right tactics from the beginning is essential. The longer you leave it the harder our job becomes.

Tax Crime

Advice On Tax Fraud – Criminal Law

When it comes to knowledge of the criminal courts and the personalities in the process, it is the experience of the specialist commercial crime solicitor which paves the way to a successful defence. Ralli has the in-depth knowledge of how to navigate through the legal process and the antennae for each case’s individual requirements.

We have been there before – successfully. Some allegations are more common than others. We regularly advise on issues relating to MTIC, VAT, film schemes, carbon and other green energy issues plus the good old conspiracies to evade tax.

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