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Ralli Solicitors LLP employ experienced individuals who have a vast amount of experience defending substantial serious offences. As the title suggests the offences and the consequences are serious for many reasons:

1. The sentence imposed following a conviction is usually substantial.
2. Just being charged can affect your credit rating with e.g. suppliers. A conviction could completely destroy your credit rating.
3. You, and your family, will have to deal with those who insist that there is ‘no smoke without fire’ brigade (N.B. We can assist with ‘reputation management’ issues).
4. The prosecuting authorities can apply for a serious crime prevention order which can control your life for a very long time. Such an order can be applied for without you being convicted of any offence!
The prosecuting authorities when dealing with serious crime spend months and sometimes years investigating. As our experience has taught us, getting the right people involved in your defence at the earliest opportunity is crucial.

Below we have set out a very brief guide for information purposes.

In England and Wales, a serious offence is defined as:

Drug trafficking
Human trafficking
Arms trafficking
Prostitution and Child sex
Armed robbery
Money laundering
Tax evasion and revenue offences
Corruption and bribery
Intellectual property offences
Environmental crimes
Attempting, conspiring, encouraging or assisting, or aiding or abetting such an offence.

Conviction for a serious crime has severe consequences beyond the likelihood of a substantial custodial sentence. If a successful application is made for a Serious Crime Prevention Order, such an order can run from specified dates. The period may well run not just during a term of imprisonment but also after you have been released from prison!

Serious Crime Solicitors

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