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Areas of Motoring Law Support

Our solicitors act for individual clients and also on behalf of insurance companies. Ralli’s motoring law experts can help you with a wide range of different offences, including:

• Causing death by dangerous driving
• Dangerous driving
• Disqualified driving
• Drink driving
• Failing to provide a specimen
• Penalty points
• Speeding
• Using a false instrument or licence

Public funding is still available for more serious driving offences, also depending on a financial assessment of your income.

We specialise in defending other motoring offences on a private basis where the Court will not grant a Representation Order, but can apply to recover some or all of the costs of your defence from Central Funds when successful.

It is often of paramount importance that you keep your licence for work, or to enable you to care for relatives, as to lose it would cause you exceptional hardship. We can advise you and in certain circumstances argue against endorsement of points on your licence, or against disqualification.

Motoring Law

According to government statistics, it is estimated there are approximately 700,000 motoring accidents in the UK each year. With over 30 years’ experience in this field, Ralli’s team of specialist motoring law solicitors can help give you the best advice and help you make the best decisions.

For help and assistance on queries relating to motoring law, contact our Criminal Defence team on 0161 615 0660 or get in touch by filling out one of our online enquiry forms.

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