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If you are accused of mortgage fraud it is something that requires advice and the sooner you seek that advice the better. Whether you are an individual being accused or a professional it is in your own interests to obtain expert legal advice quickly.

Most of the cases we have dealt with have resulted in painstaking back tracking over many years of financial documents to establish what couldn’t be seen on the surface by the prosecuting authorities.

Involving Ralli at an early stage in an investigation helps us to help you. We know how it works and can often explain why you should not be charged let alone convicted!

Our experience of these cases helps us to present your arguments in a convincing and if necessary technical way. We can call upon other specialist departments within Ralli Solicitors LLP in addition to some or the most experienced barristers in the field, should that be required.

Fraud of any kind is serious and can have a wide impact on your life if convicted. Insurance will be difficult to obtain, employment may be affected, and should the prosecuting authorities apply to recover the proceeds of the fraud your assets and home may also be at risk.

Mortgage Fraud

Advice On Mortgage Fraud – Criminal Law

We know the tell-tale signs for example:- unorthodox schemes involving equity or pension fund release, bailout and foreclosure rescue schemes, back to back property purchases and sales with an intervening revaluation and /or the creation of mezzanine leases.

The list is almost endless but the allegations will usually imply that the vulnerable have been taken advantage of and people who have gambled knowing the risks but have lost.

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