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Different forms of internet crime

According to a recent cabinet report, it is estimated that the collective impact of internet crime costs the UK economy £27 billion each year. With cybercrime both rife and typically very complex in nature, it is critical that businesses seek expert legal advice on internet crime to understand and react appropriately to attacks.

Sometimes linked with Blackmail or Terrorism these activities are regularly aimed at causing economic damage and loss, not just merely for kicks but often for gain.

This is a growing area of modern crime and goes far beyond the areas such as phishing and hacking. With new technology and security measures regularly updating, internet crime is an extremely varied, intricate and rapidly increasing area of modern crime.

In defending these cases we bring together our internal expertise and our external speciality connections which are necessary in order to defend those accused of dishonesty.

Ralli are one of the few legal practices who have successfully defended clients involved in major international internet crime, covering European Countries and the USA.

Internet Crime

Advice On Internet Crime – Criminal Law

With any suspected internet crime, swift and appropriate response can have a significant impact on the outcome. If you suspect your business may have been the victim of internet crime, contact our Criminal Defence team on 0161 615 0660 or get in touch by filling out one of our online enquiry forms.

Find out more on our Criminal Law Defence page.

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