Fraud Defence Solicitors

Criminal charges of any kind are serious. Being charged with fraud can be catastrophic. The nature of criminal evidence is forever changing in the digital world in which we now live.

You cannot ‘Google’ your defence in criminal law, a criminal defence is complex, tactical and investigative. It requires years of experience and skill in dealing with the authorities who prosecute you. In financial prosecutions of any kind it is the evidence that is not served by the prosecuting authorities that often leads to an acquittal. In order to obtain this material, criminal defence solicitors have to be robust and undetermined by obstacles the prosecuting authorities put in the way.

Prosecution powers are Draconian, sentencing is severe and individuals who find themselves on the wrong side of the fence need experienced specialist help from lawyers who speak their language and understand how the real world operates. The courts are not the ‘boardroom’ and strong willed powerful individuals may not realise or accept that they are out of their depth until it is too late!

Ralli’s criminal law department have specialists who can advise and support on a wide range of fraud, commercial and serious criminal cases including:-

SF0 investigations HMRC investigations
Tax schemes Advanced fee frauds
POCA (Proceeds of Crime Act) investigations Rogue Investment and Pension schemes
Ponzi schemes Revenue fraud
Boiler room and secondary
market fraud
Phishing and ransom ware fraud
Tax schemes VAT and MTIC fraud

Fraud Defence Advice – Criminal Law

We attend interviews under caution throughout the country on a privately funded basis and will often bring into an investigation expertise from other specialist teams within Ralli including our corporate, partnership and litigation lawyers.

For many years Ralli has been at the forefront in defending allegations of fraud and commercial crime and have been instructed in Operation Borage, Operation Rust, Operation Rodman, Operation Divert, BCCI, Arrows, Eagle Trust, The Stalker Affair, Alliance Resources, RPD Australia and many more headline fraud cases including those where proceedings have been avoided and our client’s involvement has been kept confidential.

Fraud Defence Solicitors

Contact our Fraud Defence Solicitors on 0161 615 0660

Contact our fraud defence team on 0161 615 0660 or if you prefer you can fill out one of our online enquiry forms which can be found on our Criminal Law Defence page.

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