Director Disqualification Solicitors

The impact and process of director disqualification can be significant to individual or business. In such situations, the receipt of specialist legal advice can significantly reduce the negative impact and offer the support you need.
Ralli’s specialist criminal law solicitors have gained extensive knowledge and experience over many years of working with individuals and companies in these fields and are available.

Recent changes to the law have highlighted the increasing responsibilities and burdens placed upon directors in the running of their companies.
It is possible that:

• Matters can be resolved by undertakings being given, rather than full hearings

• Applications can be made for individuals to be directors of specified companies subject to safeguards approved by the court

• Director Disqualifications applications can follow, or be part of, other remedies sought against individuals ranging from high

court civil claims and insolvency proceedings, to criminal prosecution

Director Disqualification

If you are acting as a shadow director you may also be caught by the legislation relating to disqualification of directors.

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