Criminal Defence Solicitors

Our criminal law team is ferocious, fearless and will fight tooth and nail for your freedom. It is our aim to clear your name. The experience within our team speaks for itself.

Every case is personal both to you and to us. The very reason we do this job is because we care. We care when things have gone wrong for individuals who find themselves in a situation they never thought they would be in. We care about justice and miscarriages of justice.

Criminal defence isn’t straight forward, it requires strength of character to tackle the police and the prosecution from every angle. It requires skill to look beyond what is presented on the face of the case.

It has been in the press a lot recently about disclosure issues. Unfortunately this problem runs deep and has done for years; not just in sexual cases. It happens in many many cases and you have to spend the time looking for what is not there as well as what is there. Lack of disclosure can result in wrongful convictions and once convicted it’s more difficult to get that conviction overturned.

Our Criminal Defence team

We cannot emphasise enough how important it is to hire the right team form the outset who you know will never give up digging until they find what they are looking for. Now matter how well hid that may be.

Forensic analysis of mobile traffic is an other area we insist on challenging. It isn’t as straight forward as the prosecuting authorities would like you to believe.

It requires sheer grit and determination to challenge every single thing the police and prosecution produce, but challenge it we do. Successfully as our testimonials show.

We operate a sophisticated style of assistance and we do go the extra mile to unleash the truth and obtain the right result… NOT GUILTY.

Our Areas of Criminal Law Expertise:-

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Criminal Defence Solicitors

What You Gain From Using Our Criminal Defence Services

Ralli Solicitors criminal defence team can assist you in a wide range of areas:

Interviews conducted by any prosecuting authority, Magistrates Court, Crown Court, Court of Appeal.

Prosecuting authorities can move quickly which is why you should contact us as soon as they contact you. Whether that is the Police; Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs; Serious Fraud Office; National Crime Agency; Trading Standards; Health and Safety Executive or the Crown Prosecution Service – get in touch with us directly on 0161 615 0660 because you need to know and consider your options at a very early stage of any investigation whether the investigation is about you as an individual or your company.

Our testimonials speak for themselves.

The team at Ralli Solicitors display individual skills that have been recognised in Chambers and The Legal 500 but also much wider.

Our Criminal Defence Attitude!

There are no areas of criminal defence which we do not cover, any criminal charge is treated with the same tenacity.

There are no boundaries on time or effort, no restrictions on when or where we can speak or meet.

The qualities in our team at Ralli Solicitors are that they listen; are compassionate; care for their fellow human beings and believe not merely in justice; but in doing right and achieving the right result.

We offer direct access which is what we believe you should have. It is important that you contact our specialist defence team at as early stage as possible.