Criminal Defence Solicitors

At Ralli LLP we represent individuals or companies accused of criminal offences. We cover all areas of criminal law in Engalnd and Wales.

If you are under investigation, been asked to attend an interview, received a summons or have been charged, we can help you.

Obtaining good advice from the outset is essential to ongoing proceedings. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to provide a first class service.

Being proactive from the start can result in charges being discontinued. Early dialogue is key in any investigation.

In the event of cases proceeding to trial, you need not only the best legal advice but also the best advocate suited directly to your needs. We have hand picked a selection of Barristers who have been vetted carefully on the basis of their ability and performance. We work together with them to give you the best chance going forward.

There are services such as direct access whereby barristers can receive instructions from a client without the need of a solicitor, however, the client has to do much of the work themselves and when the pressure is on, you the client, do not need the added pressure of writing your own letters and preparing your own trial bundles and interviewing witnesses.

Here are Ralli LLP we take all the pressure off you, provide you with a clear case plan, clear costs schedule and provide constant attention to your needs.

Our Experience

In excess of 70 years experience dealing with criminal cases of all kinds.
Police Station Advice
Magistrates Court
Crown Court
Tax Crime
Business Crime
Confiscsation Proceedings

Our Testimonials


“An incredibly understanding, knowledgeable and professional Solicitors. Lynn Mahon is the most professional, knowledgeable and understanding Criminal law Legal Advisor there is. During a 15 month ordeal, they were always at the end of the phone and couldn’t have done more in the fight for justice. The right and truthful result was gained! It has restored my faith in the “system” The place to go!”

– Matthew G