Franchising Solicitors

Franchising is simply the acquisition of the right, for a fee, to use a company’s existing business model and branding for an agreed period of time an in an agreed area or territory.

An entrepreneur can opt to set up a business from scratch or it can often be easier to buy into an existing model or franchise often involving a well known business or product with ongoing help and support from the central franchisor.

The cost of buying the franchise can be as low as a few thousand pounds to as much as hundreds of thousands of pounds depending on the brand and the location.

In either case franchise agreements can be daunting documents as they commonly seek to regulate many aspects of the relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee in great detail, normally for the benefit of the franchisor and to the detriment of the franchisee. Often, they will be non negotiable.

At Ralli we can cut through the detail of the agreement and advise you on the fundamentals, so that you are clear on what you are signing up to and what your rights and responsibilities are, on a fixed fee basis.

Franchising Solicitors

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