Shareholder Dispute Solicitors in Manchester

If you are engaged in a limited company and experiencing problems or a shareholder dispute, our specialist team of shareholder dispute solicitors are here to help you.

Types of shareholder disputes

  • The company has stopped paying dividends to the shareholders (members) of the company
  • The company has made a decision that the shareholders consider has devalued the business or effected the potential of the company
  • There have been unauthorised payments to a director or payments made out of the company on behalf of a director without authority
  • The board has somehow acted improperly
  • The Company is in deadlock
  • A director is focusing efforts elsewhere and / or competing with the company

How to resolve a shareholder dispute

Such cases require very careful attention to the factual background; the articles of association; any shareholders agreement; the complexities of the relevant legislation; and the Court’s decisions over the last few decades.

We are sensitive to our clients’ needs and attitudes when advising on the way forward. Hopefully, a negotiated settlement can be reached before any formal process is underway.

If not, various options may be appropriate: petitioning for the winding up of the company; putting it into administration; or a petition for relief from unfair prejudice.

At Ralli, we work closely with a number of forensic accountants to assist with the thorny question of valuing the shares in dispute.

Shareholders dispute solicitors

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