Dispute Resolution Solicitors

If you find yourself in the middle of a commercial dispute in your business, our team of dispute resolution solicitors have the skills and experience to help.

Our team have a strong track record of resolving commercial and business issues professionally, efficiently and in the most cost effective manner possible.

We aim to identify the root cause of the issue and advise you on the best way to resolve your dispute. We will always provide a full risk assessment in addition to an assessment on the merits. Our principle concern is resolving your dispute in a way that is satisfactory to you.

Our Practice Areas in Dispute Resolution & Litigation

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We appreciate that to businesses, effective dispute resolution requires more than just a list of options or simply the provision of legal advice. We pride ourselves in offering commercial advice where possible in addition to our legal risk assessment.

A member of our team will be happy to answer your questions and work with you to resolve your issue.

Dispute Resolution Solicitors

Working with our Dispute Resolution Solicitors

Why choose Ralli? Our experience in dealing with commercial disputes means we are well placed to tailor our approach to suit your circumstances.

For example, we understand that sometimes you may wish to continue a professional relationship once the dispute has been resolved.

Therefore, we will draw on our experience to consider the most appropriate method of dispute resolution available to you.

This can be anything from direct settlement meetings, negotiation by correspondence or telephone or a form of alternative dispute resolution such as mediation. Court proceedings are the last resort.

You can contact a member of our dispute resolution team on 0161 832 6131 for more information or alternatively, you can fill out one of our enquiry forms.