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Any form of health and safety investigation in the workplace can have a huge impact on any business and the manner in which such investigations are handled can have a significant impact on the long term implications. Ralli’s health and safety law specialists have the expertise to assist your company and its directors in relation to investigations, interviews, enquiries, inspections and prosecutions.

The various authorities involved in such cases can be:

• Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)
• Local Council
• Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)
• Security Industry Authority (SIA)
• The Department of the Environment (DOE)
• Trading Standards

Health and Safety Law advice from Ralli

Criminal offences can include illegal tipping, landfill, pollution, breaches of orders, asbestos and waste disposal. Ralli have also successfully represented individuals and companies in the food manufacture, restaurant, construction, waste management and licensed trade sectors.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety Law advice from Ralli

If you use subcontracted staff both you as an individual and your company may be held responsible for that staff and prosecuted. This would include shadow directors as well as officers of your company. Conviction would not just result in fines but may attract lengthy periods of imprisonment.

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