Property Aspects Magazine in Manchester reports on our last mock tribunal and how it can link to the health and safety and employment laws and procedures of employers in the construction sector.

“An Ageing Fool?…” was staged for the benefit of employers in the North West region and featured a script relating to the unfair dismissal of a member of senior staff in an architects’ who had a claim for age discrimination.

The event presented a realistic ‘mock up’ of an employment tribunal to the audience of business owners and several construction companies, using real lawyers and a real judge who played out what was a fictional, but very credible employment tribunal claim.

It highlighted the risk and costs that could very easily befall an employer if taken to a tribunal. Particularly relevant to the Construction sector, where young people may be employed.

In this video clip, Employment Partner Mark Higgins and Entire Financial Solutions’ MD Ian Bottomley comments on why this event is essential to business owners and HR managers alike.

For help in avoiding potential tribunal costs, book onto our next event “A Nightmare For Elm Street” that takes place on 5th November or contact Karen Garrattley

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