Under the terms of the new Trade Union Bill, employers could be given permission to break strikes by using agency workers.

Current legislation, prevents employers from using agency staff as strikebreakers. Manchester employment law solicitors Ralli Solicitors LLP offer employment legal advice on this issue.
The impact of such a change in the new Trade Union Bill has sent the unions into a panic. The bill is scheduled to go before the Commons today which coincides with the TUC’s annual conference in Brighton. Union leaders are urging sympathetic MPs to vote against the Bill.

The Government is considering introducing further measures that will hamper the organization of a strike. These include the necessity for picket-line organisers to wear armbands and carry letters of authorisation, unions may also be required to offer employers and the police 14 days’ warning of any strike notices being posted on various social media sites.

Frances O’Grady, the TUC’s General Secretary has described the Bill as “the biggest attack on trade unions and the right to strike in 30 years.”

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