Due Diligence

There are many instances where businesses or individuals will require to carry out the process of due diligence. For example, the prospective acquisition or investment in a business requires a stringent assessment, and seeking the best advice is extremely important to both inform and protect you during this process.

The due diligence process typically covers the pertinent segments of the business or deal in question, which may include assessments of:

• Finances
• Legal
• Technical
• Commercial
• Management
• Structure
• Intellectual property
• Employees

Due diligence may lead to companies reporting issues to the DTI. It may also raise issues of money laundering or tax evasion either within your own company or a takeover target. Checks may also highlight the need for current directors to make a report to NCA via their money laundering officer.

There may be occasions when your company wishes to carry out due diligence without the involvement of the police or prosecuting agencies. We regularly work in conjunction with other professionals including Chartered and Forensic Accountants as well as IT and computer specialists if and when the need arises.

We can also assist where due diligence on a company sale reveals issues which need to be addressed by the current directors for example, tax evasion by current officers or employees.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence Assistance

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