Fixed Fee Criminal Defence Solicitors Service

Following many years of undertaking legal aid work as well as privately funded cases, our decision to withdraw from legal aid (except for VHCC* cases) was made easy for us following severe cuts by the Government. These cuts mean that we as specialists no longer have autonomy over how a defence case is conducted in the best interests of our client. Our hands were tied by what we believe to be unfair and unrealistic cuts in funding.

In a recent case conducted with public funding (legal aid) we were not allowed to employ experts without applying for authority to those who held the purse strings i.e. the Legal Aid Agency. They decide if you can have an expert and even if they do agree, they seek out the cheapest not the person best suited to your particular circumstances. This is not how we wish to run our client’s cases. They deserve better!

We do not wish to take on a case knowing that we have to prepare it under severe and unreasonable restrictions.

This isn’t fair and it isn’t justice!

Whether your case concerns a £100 million fraud, cyber crime, internet fraud or a brawl in which you were caught up, we have the same ethos in preparation and client service.

Being the target of any prosecuting authority can be the most distressing time in your life. We understand that completely. A defendant going through a traumatic experience needs real support not a conveyor belt where they are not treated as an individual but merely ‘processed’!

We also understand that paying for legal expenses probably will never have featured in your budget. That is why we have created a fixed fee table which is affordable for everyone not just the wealthy! It is our guarantee of a professional yet passionate service. We are focused and fearless!

Our service is tailor made for you, your case and your circumstances. We aim at Cost certainty and no hidden surprises. You will have our undivided attention as and when you need it. You will have the additional benefit of a barrister being available from the moment you have instructed us.

Being charged with a criminal offence is a terrifying ordeal for anyone; it affects the person charged, their families, and friends. It can have a devastating effect on health and wellbeing. A conviction can affect employment and insurance and restrict travel. You could also end up in prison!

That is why the choice of representation you make is crucial from the very beginning.

We fully understand that you want to talk about your issues when you are free to talk about them and not just when an office is open. You need to know that someone is turning every stone of evidence and challenging every single aspect of the prosecution case.

You want to be heard and understood. That is exactly what we want for you and for you to know that your needs are our needs.

Remember this – THEY HAVE TO PROVE IT. What they say and what they can prove might produce completely different outcomes. We delve where others fear to tread. We have been getting it right for 40 years.

Although we have operated at the highest level we have never forgotten our roots.We never judge you – we help you. We service all courts in England and Wales and have an elite team of Barristers from chambers all over the Country who are equally dedicated and formidable.

Let us help you today and take away some of your worries and concerns.

Visit our Criminal Law page for more information on our private service.

Please call 0161 615 0660

Where you will be directly connected to a member of our team who has been preparing criminal cases for over 25 years. No receptionist to get through, no call backs, no call centres. We offer direct access which is what we believe you should have.

Below you will find a table of our fixed fee prices. The price includes all preparation, calls letters and Barrister’s fees who will be on board with us from the outset.

Guilty plea £1,500 plus VAT
Not Guilty plea – Trial 1 day £3,500 plus VAT
Not Guilty plea – Trial 2 days £4,000 plus VAT
Appeal against sentence from
Magistrates to Crown Court
£2,250 plus VAT
Appeal against conviction and
sentence from Magistrates to Crown Court
£2,500 plus VAT
Guilty plea £1,500 plus VAT
Not Guilty plea – Trial 1 day £5,500 plus VAT
Not Guilty plea – Trial 2 days £6,500 plus VAT
Not Guilty plea – Trial 3 days £7,500 plus VAT
Not Guilty plea – Trial 4 days £9,000 plus VAT
Not Guilty plea – Trial 5 days £10,500 plus VAT
Trial over 5 days Price on assessment of case
Proceeds of crime case Price on assessment of case
• NOTE VHCC cases are cases which are large and complex. The trials last for at least 3 months and involve many thousands of pages of documentary evidence. We have conducted many such cases successfully since the Serious Fraud Office came into being in 1987.


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