Barristers quit new law cases in Northern Ireland

Following last weeks news regarding the largest law firm in Northern Ireland Kevin Winters and Company’s decision to quit all major cases.  Barristers in Northern Ireland have now made the decision to withdraw from all new criminal law cases.

Advising that it was making the move “with deep regret”. In a statement on Tuesday mirroring the sentiments of Kevin Winters & Company, the Criminal Bar Association, which represents independent barristers, said it was “committed to providing the highest standard of representation to those members of society who face the most serious and complex criminal cases in the Crown Court”.

Ralli Solicitors LLP criminal law solicitors Manchester have come up with an alternative fixed fee service aimed at helping those facing unexpected legal expenses. Ralli’s fixed fee service is affordable for everyone not just the wealthy. As part of the service clients will generally  have the additional benefit of a barrister being available to them.

The service is not only affordable but covers both Magistrates Court and Crown Court proceedings. Prices are set out clearly on the on the firm’s website.

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