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Ralli Solicitors is a leading law firm with offices in Manchester and London. We offer a full range of legal services to businesses and individuals.

Ralli Solicitors is proud to have grown rapidly since it was established in 1973. All our solicitors are experts in their chosen field and fully up-to-date with the latest developments. Our teams work closely together to make sure that the service we deliver is fully integrated.

Our philosophy – every client matters

At Ralli Solicitors we believe in building long term relationships with our clients. We understand that good communication, speed of service and expertise are key to delivering a quality service.

We cover a wide range of areas with specialists in each field. An ethos of remaining current and a commitment to offering clients a bespoke professional service has continued to secure the firms longevity.

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If you need to ask a question or you are seeking a more in depth solution to your problem then we are here to help. We will contact you at a time that suits you and by the method that suits you. If you want someone on your side who will fight for justice you have certainly come to the right place.
If it is your company, or yourself that needs advice, whether that be a little advice or a lot please do get in touch.

Commercial Dispute Resolution

If you find yourself in the middle of a disagreement in your business, our dispute resolution solicitors have the skills and experience to help.

Employment Law

Our employment law solicitors are nationally recognised as leaders in this specialist field.

Media Law

Having handled matters for the BBC and a very well known film production company, our film and TV team provides you with years of experience and very successful results.


Whether you are a new start-up venture or a firmly established mature business, the corporate law solicitors at Ralli can help with a range of legal issues you may have to deal with.

Intellectual Property

The intellectual property team at Ralli can provide advice to innovators, businesses of all sizes and not for profit organisations from all sectors on intellectual property issues.

Partnership Law

The Partnership Law team was set up specifically to help and guide professionals and individuals that have partnership difficulties or legal issues.

Professional Negligence

Whether you are an individual or in business and have cause for complaint regarding the professional services you have purchased, then we may be able to help you recover your losses.

Criminal Law

Criminal defence is our speciality. If you or your company find yourself in the unfortunate position of needing a criminal defence solicitor you have found what you are looking for right here.We cover every aspect of criminal law regardless who the prosecuting authority may be.

About Ralli Solicitors

Our teams were talked into taking part in this video a long time ago to show the world that lawyers were actually human beings contrary to popular belief. Unsure of what to expect we just did as we were told and went where directed. It was only after it was all put together and we had a look at it for the first time that once again our love of this job shone through. Some of us were interviewed individually; it was spontaneous so no rehearsals.

Camera shy or not as soon as we were asked to talk about what we do the passion came through; together with the dedication and the drive to want to help others.

Our experience at Ralli Solicitors

In our teams we have 183 years of experience. That is a lot of years. Years that we have spent doing jobs we love doing. Helping individuals and companies whether large or small in a wide range of disciplines. In the collective 183 years we have chosen to stay in the law it has been the love of the work we do and our determination to want to help others that keeps us here.

183 years is a very long time. 183 years ago it was 1835 (as at 2018) and to put it into context in that year the general election was won by the Whigs but Robert Peel initially remained in office at the request of King William IV.

It saw the opening of Birmingham and Liverpool junction canal from Nantwich to Autherley junction, Wolverhampton, the last major trunk narrow canal to be built.

H. Fox Talbot (no relation to our Stephen H. Fox!) exposed the world’s first known photographic negatives at Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire.
Charles Darwin arrived at the Galapagos Islands aboard HMS Beagle.

The Municipal Corporations Act modernised local government in towns and cities and gave the new authorities power to appoint police.

2 men James Pratt and John Smith were hanged in front of Newgate Prison in London after a conviction of buggery. They were the last to suffer capital punishment for homosexual acts in England.

That concludes our story on the filming of Ralli Solicitors.


“Our company provides service & installation to some of the largest leading chemical manufactures & suppliers within the UK. We have an outstanding reputation for delivering high quality and service. Maintaining that reputation means meeting our clients’ expectations every time. Legal disputes are a stressful and often expensive distraction. The team at Ralli don’t just advise us what to do or write, they do the legwork for us, so that we can concentrate on our customers. I would recommend the ABC scheme as good value for any cost-conscious business owner who is nevertheless keen to do the right thing.”
Jon Farrington, MD of Chem Care Solutions Ltd.

"As the new practice manager I engaged Ralli Solicitors to deal with a long running partnership dispute that had rumbled on unresolved for a number of years. Despite a weak (historic) partnership agreement, the advice we received from Ralli was pragmatic, timely and reliable and enabled us to negotiate a settlement between parties that facilitated the safe removal of one partner. The remaining partners have been able to continue to develop new plans and embrace a merger. Mark Higgins knows his stuff and is tenacious and diligent. Without his support and drive we would not have got the result we did. We would not hesitate in recommending Mark for his outstanding personal service, direct approach and total professionalism."
Practice Manager, Medical Practice, Oxfordshire

"We found Ralli following a google search as they appeared to have the services we required. We needed to find out more information about a trade mark dispute brought against us and whether or not we had a defense. They were prepared to discuss our problem first so we could ascertain if we were in a defensible position or not. This is exactly what we needed as other solicitors wanted money just to talk to us. They were extremely helpful and friendly. Excellent communication and very clear and understandable language used...no jargon. Credit to Sam and the Ralli team."
AD, Hortivation


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