Stuart Page - Associate

In the light of the Wayne Rooney saga this week, once again the “Agent” culture is going to be called into question, however in the light of this there are a number of “spin off” questions, do footballers really need agents?

Could a good lawyer and a good accountant not do the same job and only be paid by the hour or job? The clubs themselves have player liaison therefore why is an agent required?

In short a lawyer is a professional who is used to heavy regulation of the profession and puts his client first, he perhaps does not have the “closeness to the game” that an agent has but is that such a bad thing?

The lawyer will listen to what his client wants with no regard to gaining a percentage from the transfer fee, he will merely present a bill at the end of the negotiations to the player, he will have to let the player know his charging rates and keep him advised throughout of the costs. This is something he is obliged to do by his regulatory body.

There now are a larger number of lawyers appearing on the FA website and these lawyers do not have to sit the examinations because they are already regulated.

Multi disciplinary practices such as Ralli can deal with all aspects of a players life as they have specialists in all areas so the benefit is not just of a single agent who has to consult with others but a team of professionals in all areas to assist him including media law, property law, personal injury, employment, wills and probate, commercial and crime.