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Intellectual Property Law Specialists

The iSolicitors™ team at Ralli can provide advice to innovators, businesses of all sizes and not for profit organisations from all sectors on intellectual property issues.

We will always agree an action plan, budget and assemble the right team to deal with your issue.

Our intellectual property solicitors specialise in the following areas:

•    Copyright
•    Design Rights
•    Domain Names
•    E-commerce
•    IT Disputes
•    Patents
•    Music Law
•    Trademarks

Examples of our recent work:

• A client who wished to launch a new product on to the market without any protection. They urgently needed our help as they wanted to attend a trade fair and release details of their product to the press. After help from us they were able to go ahead with their plans, after fully protecting their intellectual property rights

• Working with a national not-for-profit organisation after they informed us that they were worried about their logo being used by others online. We found that they didn’t have a registered trademark in the logo and so we have been able to help them gain a registered trademark and stop the infringement

• A well-known brand recently accused one of our clients of trademark infringement. After spending some time clarifying the facts of the alleged infringement, we were able to help defend our client’s position, allowing them to continue with their business

• We successfully defended a number of parties in the precedent cases dealing with contested copyright infringement over peer to peer networks, receiving international recognition

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