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If you are faced with a legal problem, you can rely on the expert solicitors at Ralli to help you find a solution. Even if it seems as though your issue is impossible to solve, our experienced team have seen it all before.

We specialise in a number of key areas for individuals and businesses across a variety of sectors, including:

•    Commercial Dispute Resolution

We can help bring a swift conclusion to business disputes, and can even help preserve your professional relationship after the case.

•    Corporate

We give advice to new and established businesses on a range of important legal matters.

•    Crime

Our corporate crime defence solicitors are renowned leaders in the field and have been recognised by the Chambers and Legal 500 directories.

•    Employment

We assist in defending your business against employee claims, as well as helping you improve your processes to prevent these cases from occurring.

•    Harassment

If you are faced with unwelcome conduct in any environment, we can help you take the necessary legal steps to stop it.

•    Intellectual Property

We will help you ensure your rights are protected and that no one can steal your work or use it without your knowledge.

•    Media

Our solicitors can offer expert advice in all aspects of media law, including privacy and defamation.

•    Partnership Law

Ralli offers a service dedicated to helping you with all aspects of successfully setting up and running a business partnership.

•    Professional Negligence

In cases where you have trusted the advice of a professional only to find you have lost out financially, we can help you take legal action to recover your losses.

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