Police Station – Legal Advice

In trouble with the Law?

We offer fixed fee police station advice for anyone in trouble with the law.
Whether it be the local police, the National Crime Agency, Serious Organised Crime Agency, HMRC, Department for Work and Pensions, or Trading standards.

It is essential that you receive the very best advice at this stage as the outcome for not doing so could potentially be life changing.

We need to hear from you as soon as you are notified so we can provide you with expert criminal law advice which could make the difference as to whether charges are brought or not.

Or if you were not happy with the advice you have been given, contact us and we will assess your case to establish if we can fight it for you at the next stage.

For more information regarding police station advice, contact our Criminal Defence team on 0161 615 0660 or fill out one of our online enquiry forms.

For more information visit our Criminal Law Defence page.

Police Station advice

I lost all faith in the British legal system and hold the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary in utter contempt. The case against me took more than four years from arrest to finally appearing in court. However, I was most fortuitous to meet Ralli Solicitors LLP, a firm of Solicitors a credit to the legal profession. The manner in which they set about defending me inspired confidence and helped me through my darkest hours. Ralli Solicitors LLP diligently examined the ‘evidence’ against me, painstakingly reading thousands of pages of emails, letters and documents with an unrelenting determination to prove my innocence. To simply say thank you does not adequately express the heartfelt debt of gratitude I hold. In addition to their professionalism the whole team were such nice people with compassion and an unbelievable dedication.

JG, Chartered Accountant and Business Adviser

I was referred to ralli solicitors by a friend and Lynn Mahon was appointed as my legal representative. Since our first meeting all aspects of my case were explained and dealt with in a professional manner and any queries I had were explained and my mind was put at ease. I would certainly recommend Lynn Mahon to anyone needing legal advice.
RB, Cheshire Businessman