Gill Nuttall 214x300  David Cameron Should Listen To The Dowler Family
Gill Nuttall – PR & Marketing Manager

The Dowler family have spoken out and I think it is high time that David Cameron and his crew started to listen.

I cannot imagine what it is like to lose a child in any circumstances, let alone the tragic circumstances surrounding Milly’s death.  To compound matters, they then have to face the fact that their lives were thrown into the spotlight yet again, by the actions of representatives of The News of The World.

Milly’s family have written to the Prime Minister urging him to abandon legal reforms that will prevent victims suing for compensation.  I hope he listens.   Over the last 35 years Ralli have acted for thousands of clients, who without the benefit of the much criticised “no win no fee” agreements, would not have had access to justice.

If we take for example a client of Farhanah Ismail’s, partner at Ralli. Ms X was being given a trampoline lesson. Under instruction which was not clear and correct, she suffered a terrible injury to one of her legs, resulting in her leg snapping and bending the wrong way round.

Ralli worked tirelessly to achieve the best possible settlement for her and despite the trauma of full court hearings following denial of liability, Ralli successfully settled her claim.   The insurers had the opportunity to settle at a very early stage but the matter resulted in a full trial, costing the insurers more in the long run.   Without funding, Ms X would not have been able to make this claim.  As a result of the accident, she has now been left with severe restrictions in her daily life.

Without the help and assistance of a good knowledgeable personal injury solicitor her case may have floundered and basically, she would have been hung out to dry.

Milly’s family are and always will be, living through what I can only think is hell on earth.  However, they have seen the current situation concerning the attack on the legal profession, for what it is, and I applaud them for their stance in taking David Cameron to task.  I really do hope he listens.