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  • Staff Issues?
  • Contract Disputes?
  • Debt Recovery?
  • Property Disputes?
  • Employment Issues?
  • Data Protection Disputes?
  • HMRC Tax Investigation?
  • Defence of HSE Prosecutions?

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What is ?

As its name suggests, is a scheme which protects your business against the unforeseen and gives you the backing and the confidence to make the right decisions for your business.

Do you have sleepless nights, worrying about the threats that lie in wait? Do you feel that your business drive is being hampered by the threat of prosecution or being sued? Most business owners we talk to express their frustration at the hoops they are expected to jump through to avoid expensive legal action.

“Our company provides service & installation to leading chemical manufacturers and suppliers across the UK. We have an outstanding reputation for delivering high quality and service. Maintaining that reputation means meeting our clients’ expectations every time. Legal disputes are a stressful and often expensive distraction. The team at Ralli don’t just advise us what to do or write, they do the legwork for us, so that we can concentrate on our customers. I would recommend the ABC scheme as good value for any cost-conscious business owner who is nevertheless keen to do the right thing.”

Jon Farrington, MD of Chem Care Solutions Ltd.

The fundamental flaw in our legal system is that in many cases, it costs more to pursue or defend a claim than it does just to back down and leave matters to fate. For example, defending an employment claim costs between £25,000 and £40,000 on average. So, if an ex-employee is claiming less than this, should you be expected just to write a cheque? Sadly, that is often the cheapest way out of a dispute…at least in the short term.

Unfortunately, businesses that get into the habit of settling claims made against them or are shy of pursuing action against others get a reputation for being a “soft touch” and so can actually encourage further claims.

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How does it work?

It is often said that court action is costly. This is undoubtedly true where a dispute reaches an advanced stage leading up to a full trial. However, in our experience, for every one case which proceeds to trial, there are many more which can be resolved at an earlier stage – well before the real expense of a trial is incurred. The key is how soon we get involved.

We turn the traditional relationship with the lawyer on its head.

We don’t wait for you to call us when the going gets tough. We get involved earlier….much earlier….in fact, long before any dispute appears on the horizon. We meet with you and carry out a full audit of all of your legal documentation, including employment contracts and policies and your terms and conditions of business. If you don’t have adequate documentation in place, we put things right quickly and efficiently. The same goes for health and safety. We have teamed up with expert health and safety consultants who will conduct a full health and safety audit of your business premises so that you have peace of mind knowing that you have complied with the requirements the HSE expect from you.

“In today’s highly litigious world the ABC scheme from Ralli is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity! Mark and the team at Ralli are highly professional and extremely responsive; guiding you through the legal minefield with great skill. Together with the added reassurance that the insurance policy is in place to cover any costs from malicious claims. Our enrolment in the Ralli scheme is probably one of the best decisions we have ever taken in 25 years of business”

Jack Leach, MD of QED Creative

Members of the scheme benefit from three layers of service:

Legal Support

This is the first port of call for immediate assistance with legal issues covered by the scheme. We do not use call centres. This means that you get advice from the right specialist from the start. We are a friendly team and are happy to advise on day to day legal issues as well as dealing with specific matters arising and, unlike ordinary legal helplines, we don’t limit ourselves to telephone advice. If letters need writing, we draft them for you. You don’t have to waste time worrying about what to say and how to say it.

Cover for legal fees and awards

We do our utmost to help you resolve legal issues without resorting to court action. However, sometimes, legal action is necessary or indeed is forced upon you by another party. Where this occurs, the scheme indemnifies your business (and in some cases, individuals within the business) against legal fees and any awards of compensation which it or they are ordered to pay.

Reviews and online support tools

All scheme members qualify for an inclusive annual review of employment documentation as well as significant discounts (often these are free to members who join for 3 years) on any remedial action required. A review of health and safety requirements is also undertaken in conjunction with our preferred partners.

Members also have unlimited access to an online support site*, providing help and assistance with a wide range of HR and Health and Safety issues. It also permits members to store vital documents such as contracts of employment, handbooks as well as recording staff holidays/sickness absence etc.
* controlled and maintained by our insurance provider.

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Underwritten by ARAG PLC Registered in England No. 02585818. ARAG PLC is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Firm No. 452369

What does it cover?

  • Commercial and business disputes and dispute resolution
  • Employment/HR staff disputes
  • HMRC tax investigations
  • health and safety defence of prosecutions
  • Property disputes
  • Data protection
  • Intellectual property*

*additional premium applies

“Woodley has used the services of Mark and his team at Ralli for a number of years now. Whether it’s advice on day to day matters or guidance on more complex employment disputes, Mark can be relied upon to provide strategic guidance and sensible solutions.”

Mike Wickham, MD of Woodley Equipment Co Ltd

Note that in many instances we cover pursuit of claims against others not just defending claims brought by others.

I already have legal helpline assistance with my other insurance. Why do I need this scheme?

There are many schemes on the market which purport to offer business protection but most of these are little more than a telephone ‘helpline’. They give scripted guidance as to what you should do and leave you to do it yourself.

What many don’t realise is that these ‘helplines’ are manned by call-centre operatives who are not legally qualified. The helplines are controlled and operated by the insurance companies who have a vested interest in avoiding paying out on claims. This no doubt explains the reason why so many businesses are dissatisfied with the service when they attempt to use it.

The philosophy is totally different. We don’t just tell you what to do and leave you struggling. We help you along the way. If a letter needs to go out, we draft it for you, so that you can get on with running your business knowing that matters are being dealt with properly and promptly.

We are completely independent of the insurers who back our scheme and we (not they) decide when it is appropriate to launch or defend legal action. All you have to do is to involve us from the outset of any matters arising and to follow the advice and guidance we provide to you.

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Underwritten by ARAG PLC Registered in England No. 02585818. ARAG PLC is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Firm No. 452369

How much does it cost?

You wouldn’t dream of running your business from a pay-as-you-go mobile or internet connection. So why pay for legal services that way?

scheme members pay a fixed and affordable monthly fee in return for which they benefit from:

an annual review of contracts, policies and procedures (including health and safety)

direct access to the unlimited* advice and support of our team of specialist solicitors (no call centres)

cover for legal costs (including awards) in the event that court proceedings are necessary

*subject to fair usage policy

“When our company secured several major haulage contracts from a competitor, Mark and his team were on hand at every stage to guide us through a very complex transfer of staff. Their practical and pragmatic approach enabled the transaction to complete smoothly and successfully”

Andrew Kinsella, MD of Gwynedd Shipping Ltd

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Underwritten by ARAG PLC Registered in England No. 02585818. ARAG PLC is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Firm No. 452369

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