For the first time ever the annual review of compensation limits has resulted in a reduction to the maximum compensatory award limit, in line with the decrease in the retail prices index.

You must have been asleep for the whole of 2009, if you escaped hearing about the Heyday case! Employers across Britain breathed a temporary sigh of relief when the High Court ruled that employees have no automatic right to work beyond the age of 65.

Jennifer Smith, Employment Solicitor at Ralli, Looks at some of the highlights (or possibly lowlights!) of 2009. 1. So long, farewell to the statutory DDPs and GPs. The 6 April 2009 saw the repeal of the statutory dispute resolution procedures to deal with discipline and grievance.

It is understandable that individuals are struggling to cope with the financial pressures of the current economic crisis, however people may not realise that filing for bankruptcy is not the only option.

Gillian Nuttall (PR & Marketing Manager)Happy New Year. Twenty ten…. what are you going to call it? Two thousand and ten or, twenty ten? I personally, am going with two thousand and ten, simply because it sounds less like a boy band than “2010”.   Just before Christmas I attended a networking lunch in Liverpool…